How to clean your PC

Do you have a tower PC? Is it currently sitting on the floor in your office/home office collecting dust? It’s all well and good dusting the top of it when you see the build-up, but have you thought about what’s on the inside?

Think about that 2-year-old PC that is just sitting there only being touched to power it on. Show it a bit of love. I know it can be scary taking a PC apart but all you need is an air duster. If you don’t feel comfortable doing it, then seek professional assistance. IT Technicians like me love taking PC’s apart and putting them back together.

Recently, I have had a machine brought in to the office as it wasn’t turning on. I opened it up and WOW! The computer had cobwebs and dust as thick as a mobile phone on every component! No wonder it wouldn’t turn on. The poor thing couldn’t breathe! I even found the spider that spun webs. Unfortunately, he didn’t make it, but he probably got too hot like everything else in the case.

After a solid thirty minutes of cleaning, it could finally breathe again and guess what – it turned back on!

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