Have you tried Googling it?

We all know you can do a basic search on Google when getting that last minute gift for someone – but did you know that Google has many life hacks and special commands that just might enhance that search result.

If you want to search for two things or something containing a key word you can use the + sign for example if you search fish it will give you a bunch of results. But if you search fish + chips it will give you an even more accurate result.

Another example with the + element is if you have a random error with a program you can copy and paste the error and then put + software name and it will home in on the search result.

Google also works with the minus sign, for example, if you did want to search just fish but was not interested in chips you can key in “fish -chip” (minus quotes) this will exclude chip(s) from the search result and will only display content about fish.

Have you recently heard an interesting phrase or word? “Define: the phrase or word” will give you a clear result of what you need.

Calculator ran out of batteries? No problem, key in your sum straight into Google and it will give you a result. Note: you have to use the plus (+), minus (-), times (*), divide (/) keys for the search to be most effective.

Do you often find your search results looking a little bit disjoined and not really what you keyed in? Top tip – try putting quotes “around the google search” – This is because google searches by default every separate word rather than an exact phrase.

Some other random, yet fun facts about google are:

Key in Do a barrel roll – this will make Google do a barrel roll.

Key in Askew and press enter – lean to the right anyone?

Key in Google Gravity and click I’m feeling lucky – Good luck trying to use google from the floor.

Key in Google sphere and click I’m feeling lucky – Just move your mouse to experience this.

Bored of searching or just bored of being in lockdown and want some timeout? Google has five hidden games built within its search engine:

  1. Atrai Breakout
    Search for ‘Atari Breakout’ then click Images, then click the image Play Atari Breakout. The screen will then turn into a game of Breakout.
  1. Snake
    Type ‘Google Snake Game’, hit enter, then click the top result. Press play, then use the arrows to move the snake.
  1. Zerg Rush
    Type in ‘Zerg Rush’ then hit Enter, and click the first link. Then try to click on the small red ‘o’s before they eat all of the text
  1. Pacman
    Type ‘Google Pacman’ then click I’m Feeling Lucky. Click insert coin and you’ll be playing Pacman!
  1. T Rex Dash
    Turn off your WiFi, Open up Google Chrome. When you get the ‘no internet connection’ page with an image of a dinosaur, hit space bar and start the T Rex Dash.

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