Network Planning / Installation / Support LAN / WAN Implementation, VPN’s, Wireless Technologies and Project Management

Boost your business’s networking capabilities with CTS.

Whether you need a simple LAN or a global WAN, our extensive knowledge and experience in diverse software and hardware products ensure efficient connectivity and seamless operations.

When it comes to your network requirements, we’ve got you covered. Whether you’re aiming for an upgrade, addition, conversion, or need to build an entire network from scratch, we offer a wide array of server, workstation, and network hardware options from leading manufacturers like HP, Dell, Cisco, and IBM. Alternatively, we can seamlessly integrate products you have already purchased. Plus, rest assured knowing that our unparalleled support and maintenance services will keep your network running at its best.

For larger sites, we provide controlled environments for servers and central equipment. With our expertise in designing and installing communication rooms, we offer an extensive range of rack-mounted products and monitoring solutions to meet your specific needs.

In today’s computer networks, considerations for voice and streaming media technologies are essential. Our successful installations cater to Quality of Service (QoS) and Power over Ethernet (PoE) requirements, ensuring optimal performance for your network.

Securely connecting remote sites and home workers to your office network is made easy and cost-effective through our internal virtual private network (VPN) solutions. With encrypted communications and firewall installations at each site, you can trust that your network remains protected. Additionally, our VPN solutions offer transparent yet secure gateways to the internet, requiring only an internet connection.

To integrate your CRM or Contact Management Systems (such as Outlook, ACT!, Maximizer, etc.) with your PBX, our Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) services are vital. Seamlessly link your systems for enhanced productivity and streamlined communication.

At CTS, we prioritise a trouble-free network, starting with the wiring structure. Our experts can analyse, diagnose, and resolve any issues prior to installing new elements, ensuring a smooth and efficient network environment.

Experience enhanced networking capabilities with CTS. Streamline operations, improve connectivity, and maximise productivity with our comprehensive networking solutions.

Why choose CTS as your Network Partner?

It’s important to be dealing with an organisation that has a proven track record in all of these areas. Data, Voice, Video and the powering of devices must all be implemented in harmony with each other, otherwise, conflicts will occur and problems will ensue. CTS has the proven track record, as many of our satisfied customers will be happy to confirm.