Leased Line / Bandwidth Provisioning, LAN Extension Services, Wireless / FSO / Satellite Links / WiFi

CTS can provide Leased Circuits and LAN Extensions based on copper or fibre.

We offer comprehensive circuits that can be customised to suit your specific needs. Our services allow for seamless server replication, co-located system access, and general internet usage, ensuring optimal performance and productivity.

For remote locations, our satellite links provide reliable voice and data services, eliminating connectivity barriers.

If you prefer a cost-effective approach without heavy investments in hardware and software, our Application Service Provision (ASP) services hosted and managed by our ISP can be your ideal solution. By connecting via our ‘Terminal Services Client,’ you can effortlessly access server resources and software systems.

Additionally, our wireless bridges deliver secure and high-performing connectivity, enabling global mobility within your office environment. With CTS, you can trust our decades of experience in radio planning, design, and implementation for budget-friendly wireless networks tailored to your building or campus layout.

Take your connectivity to new heights with CTS. Contact us now for a seamless and secure networking experience.