cnPilot Certified

Some notes from our Technical Support Engineer;

After successfully holding the prestigious cnPilot Certified title for two years, I knew it was time to put my skills to the test and ensure that I still had what it takes to excel in WiFi installation and Administration. The certification exam covered a range of topics including frequency bands, band steering, and node types.

Despite my initial reluctance due to a busy workload, I eventually decided to take the test. Unfortunately, my first attempt resulted in a narrow failure by just 1 mark, a familiar feeling reminiscent of my first driving theory test. Determined to succeed, I approached the second attempt with confidence, only to be met with an even greater setback.

With one final chance to retain my certification, I dedicated additional time and effort to prepare for the test. After a stressful and meticulous examination process that lasted nearly an hour longer than before, I was thrilled to learn that I had passed. The relief and satisfaction of earning my certification once again was truly rewarding, and I proudly displayed it on my wall with pride.”