cnPilot Certified

After 2 years of holding the cnPilot Certified title it was time to sit down and redo the test to make sure I still have what it takes. This certification is for WiFi installation and Administration and the test consisted of questions in regards to frequency bands, band steering and node types.

I had been putting this test off for a while as I knew it would take up a lot of time and with a busy workload right now, I was putting it to one side. Still, it needed to be done!

1st Attempt – Failed by 1 mark. It reminded me of my first driving theory test. So close but yet so far…but it was ok, as I knew I would smash the 2ndattempt. How wrong I was!

I went in to this one with a little too much confidence and failed even more than I did the first time. This had really put me off. I only had one attempt left. If I failed, I would have lost the certification. However, it had to be done.

The final attempt took me nearly 60 minutes longer than the previous attempt, as I didn’t just double check, but triple checked my answers. Thankfully this paid off and I had passed.  I could finally relax, get the certificate printed and hang it up on the wall!