We passed our ISO audits!

Getting ISO 9001, 27001 and 14001 accredited was a career highlight for me at CTS after spending many months making sure we had the right policies and procedures in place. Maintaining those management systems and retaining that certification every year can be hard work, so let’s talk audits….

As soon as most people hear the word audit it can create anxiety if you’re not prepared so preparation is key. Making sure you have everything to hand can make the whole process seamless and really does take the stress away. So here are some of my tips for preparing for audits -:

Audit checklist – having a checklist to hand helps you identify areas and documents that could be checked during an audit. There are lots of free checklists available online, its just a matter of finding the right one for you.

Automation/file storage – having a system in place that makes document storage easy to use and quick to navigate really does help in both the management of the system and during audits.

Internal Audits – Carrying out internal audits is mandatory to ensure you stay compliant, carrying these out gives you a practise run for when external auditors check the management system and helps you identify any areas of non-compliance.

Organisation – being organised is a no brainer for the smooth running of any task but when it comes to audits it can really save time on the day. Its not ideal for either the auditor or company being audited if half the time spent is trying to find the documents and evidence needed.

Management Reviews – having regular management reviews is key to maintaining the management system and plays a key role in identifying areas that need addressing. I find a lot of the items raised in management reviews go a long way to providing both evidence of compliance at an audit and equally improvements for the benefit of the business and management system.

All in all audits are not something that should be dreaded, they are a great chance to make sure you have a system in place that works for your business and when you pass it really does validate everyone’s hard work throughout the year. Well done CTS Team.