Oliver provides a glimpse into a typical day at CTS Group.

We asked Oliver, our Technical Support Engineer, what a typical day in the office consists of;

At CTS Group, I start my day by clearing my inbox and ensuring the smooth operation of our monitoring system to lay the groundwork for what lies ahead. One of the most fulfilling aspects of my role is the opportunity to personally visit clients on-site to resolve any technical issues they may encounter. These face-to-face interactions not only allow me to provide immediate support but also enable me to nurture strong, trust-based relationships with our clients.

Balancing these on-site visits, I diligently manage helpdesk tickets to ensure prompt resolution of any issues that arise. The ever-changing nature of my work keeps me constantly challenged and engaged, and the satisfaction of effectively solving problems and delivering top-notch service to our clients is truly rewarding. Working at CTS Group means that each day brings new challenges and opportunities for growth, making my role both exhilarating and fulfilling.

I have had the privilege of learning from my talented colleagues during my time at CTS Group, and our collaborative environment enables us to share knowledge and troubleshoot effectively across various customer accounts. The sense of support within the team is invaluable, as we work together to address the unique challenges that arise from one customer to the next.

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