How reliable is your equipment?

Is your laptop reliable?

A question I often here is ‘what makes a good laptop?’.

What are the good brands? When should I replace my device?

A lot has to depend on the person, how frequent you use it and what you do with it.

The person:

If you are lugging it around the centre of London every day and banging it on the side of a train when you get on and off, it isn’t going to last you very long.

To help with this I would recommend getting a reliable bag with extra padding, to help you carry additional equipment if required.

How frequent and how you use it:

If you use the laptop everyday with no sufficient cooling and you never power it down (I know so many that just put their device to sleep), I suspect it’s not going to last very long or eventually just get slower and slower as the demand for a restart is more apparent.

To help with this I would recommend keeping the device in a place with airflow, if the laptop gets hot let the fans do its job and assist with cooling it down. If using the device away from a heat source, and not doing very much on the device it should take a while for the fans to kick in.

If you find fans are always on or come on within a few seconds I would recommend checking the airflow, a quick blast of compressed air can help with that.


Why do you want to replace it? Is it business critical? Damaged?

Most laptops will last at least 3 years if you choose a decent manufacturer. I have worked in many companies who replace theirs around a 5-year period. Laptops in particular are costly to repair out of warranty so it is well worth replacing if damaged or has seen better days.

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