Is simple tech the best tech?

Some people like to have the latest gadgets or what the cool kids call the “in thing”.

However, studies show that the older, less cool, simple tech is actually on the rise. Between 2018-2021 there has been an increase of 89% in dumb, brick, non-smart mobile phone searches.

There is so much stigma in today’s world to be online, be on the latest social media platforms but more users are actually taking a U turn with mobile technology. Why? Because it gives back their free time or the social interaction.

I can see why it’s easy to be attached to a phone these days or mobile device. Introduce a dumb phone and this is instantly taken back to basics. All of a sudden when you need people you are calling them rather than using WhatsApp or Facebook – or sending them good old faithful classic SMS.

More users are taking away their smartphones to live a more physical interactive lifestyle rather than a virtual one. When you think about the benefits such as longer battery life, more physical engagement in meetings, friends and family the benefits speak for themselves and this is what is encouraging people to choose the simple tech. To read more in-depth about this an article can be found here:

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